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5 key FAQs on LexisNexis acquisition - answered

Posted by NOSA on Jun 15, 2017 11:22:00 AM


In May of this year, NOSA acquired the Occupational Hygiene (OH) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) divisions of LexisNexis Legal & Professional (part of RELX Group). Duncan Carlisle, CEO of NOSA, took a moment to answer a few key questions around this acquisition.

Why did LexisNexis choose to divest itself of these two divisions now?

DC: These two divisions were not part of the company’s core business, and so it made sense to find them a home with products and services that complemented their offerings.


How will these two divisions improve NOSA’s standing and services?

DC: NOSA is the leading provider of occupational health and services in Africa, and so these services not only fit organically into our offering, but also enhance and expand on our existing products and services. Furthermore, the employees who will be integrating into the company bring with them a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise.


Can you please expand on the technical competence?

DC: For example, the Manager of the OHS Division from LexisNexis is Mark Anderson, who is an Advocate of the South Gauteng High Court and has been involved in the occupational health and safety industry for nearly two decades. Mark will add tremendous value to the NOSA Research & Development team and will provide legal and technical support to NOSA’s client base.


Does the Occupational Hygiene Division bring similar benefits to NOSA?

DC: The combination of NOSA’s and LexisNexis’ Hygiene divisions brings a level of critical mass to the Group and creates a strong footprint for growth in this area of business. Similar to the OHS division, LexisNexis’ OH division has a high level of technical competence, both in general industry and mining, and we are very excited to include it in our strategic plans going forward.


What products does the acquisition add to NOSA’s current portfolio?

DC: LexisNexis has a very strong product range specifically focused on the legal aspects of health and safety management. We believe that these products will boost NOSA's current portfolio of training, consulting and auditing services, and will further enhance NOSA’s position as the leading provider of health and safety solutions in Africa. It will also ensure that we continue to be a one-stop shop for our extensive client base.


Thank you Duncan for your contribution to this brief interview.


About NOSA:

NOSA provides services to companies on five continent, with a national footprint of offices across southern Africa. It employs over 500 health, safety, environmental, quality and food safety specialists. The company has a proven track record of reducing injuries and fatalities in the workplace and provides products and services to all sectors of industry.


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