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The only parts of the SACPCMP you need to worry about

Posted by NOSA on Apr 20, 2017 12:05:00 PM


If you’re in the construction industry, you already know about the Council for Project and Construction Management Professionals (SACPCMP). But, are you aware of everything you’re required to do if you want to register as a member? Today’s blog breaks down the essential points of which you’ll need to be aware.

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What is the SACPCMP?

The SACPCMP was established to regulate construction management and construction project management professionals, as a means of protecting the public. It achieves this by:


  • registering professionals and maintaining a national register of professionals
  • identifying the type and scope of work for project and construction management professionals
  • determining registration criteria for professionals
  • conducting examinations with a view to registering project and construction management professionals
  • developing a code of conduct for registered professionals
  • consulting with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) (or any other body established by it) and the Voluntary Associations, to determine competency standards for the purpose of registration
  • conducting accreditation programmes for construction management and construction project management offered at tertiary educational institutions, in consultation with SAQA and the Council on Higher Education (CHE)
  • giving advice or offering assistance to any educational institution, Voluntary Association or examining body with regard to education facilities, to train and educate registered persons and prospective registered persons
  • entering into an agreement with any person or body of persons within or outside South Africa, regarding recognition of any examination or qualification for project and construction management professionals
  • determining, after consultation with the Voluntary Associations and registered persons, conditions relating to the nature and extent of continuing professional development (CPD)
  • establishing a standards generating body (SGB)
  • recognising Voluntary Associations.


How to register with the SACPCMP

Registration categories

Candidates may apply to register with SACPCMP in the following categories:

  • Professional Construction Project Manager (Pr. CPM)
  • Professional Construction Manager (Pr. CM)
  • Professional Construction Mentor (Pr. CMentor)
  • Candidate Construction Project Manager
  • Candidate Construction Manager


New registration routes

  • The following registration routes will apply in the registration process:
  • Accredited qualifications and relevant experience
  • Accredited qualifications but without relevant experience
  • Non-accredited qualifications with or without relevant experience
  • No formal qualifications but with some relevant experience
  • The academic route
  • Registration in specified categories


How long is the CPD registration valid for?

To maintain your registration, you need to renew it every five years. You are also expected to show evidence of continuing professional development in the five years of registration in a format prescribed only by the Council. You are not, however, required to re-apply for registration unless you fail to show evidence of continuing professional development. Should you, as a registered person, fail to submit evidence of continuing professional development, your registration will be revoked.


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Registration criteria

All applicants wishing to be registered in any of the registration categories are required by Council (and therefore by law) to complete the relevant application forms and submit the completed forms to SACPCMP for consideration.


Different registration criteria will apply for the following designations:

  • Professional construction project managers
  • Professional construction managers
  • Professional construction mentors
  • Candidate construction project managers
  • Candidate construction managers


Where do construction health and safety (CHS) practitioners fit in?

In terms of the scope of services, the SACPCMP has developed a project organogram depicting the position of Construction Health and Safety practitioners relative to other functions in the six (6) stages of a construction project. The following table shows the involvement of each of the CHS professionals in the project lifecycle. This is intended to effectively guide the industry on how to utilise the services of these professionals who will be part of an effort to minimise incidents on construction sites.


Project stage CHS officer CHS manager PrCHS agent
Stage 1 Project initiation and briefing     X
Stage 2 Concept and feasibility     X
Stage 3 Design development     X
Stage 4 Tender documentation and procurement X X X
Stage 5 Construction documentation and management X X X
Stage 6 Project close out X X X


Registration criteria for CHS practitioners

There is unique criteria for registration, depending on whether you are a CHS officer, manager or agent.

Construction health and safety registration categories

  • Construction Health and Safety Officer
  • CHSO Construction Health and Safety Manager
  • Pr. CHSM Construction Health and Safety Agent
  • Pr. CHSA 

What if I’m a foreigner?

All foreign applicants are required to submit SAQA evaluation of their qualifications. To register with the SACPCMP at a professional level, all foreign applicants are required to practice locally for a minimum period of 12 calendar months.


When will the SACPCMP refuse to register a professional?

The Council may refuse to register an applicant if:

  • the applicant has been removed from an office of trust on account of improper conduct
  • the applicant has been convicted of an offence within the Republic of South Africa, other than offences committed prior to 27 April 1994 associated with political objectives, and was sentenced to prison without the option of a fine, or, in the case of fraud, to a fine or imprisonment, or both
  • the applicant has been convicted of an offence in a foreign country and was sentenced to prison without the option of a fine, or, in the case of fraud, to a fine or imprisonment or both.
  • the applicant is declared by the High Court to be of unsound mind or mentally disordered, or is detained under the Mental Health Act of 1973
  • the applicant is disqualified from registration as a result of any punishment imposed on him or her under the Act, 48 of 2000
  • the applicant is an unrehabilitated insolvent, whose insolvency was caused by his or her negligence or incompetence in performing work falling within the scope of the category in respect of which he/she is applying for registration.

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