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Integrated Risk Management Software

Posted by NOSA on Jun 22, 2017 2:00:00 PM


Risk management is usually the responsibility of risk managers/professionals in separate business units working with different risk management systems. This contributes to a lack of risk information sharing and a lack of understanding of the organisation’s key risks, which prevents optimum results from being achieved. Although business units may function in isolation, risks certainly do not.

Companies want a risk management system that creates a transparent environment that lets you manage the process across the entire organisation. By centralising information into one integrated risk-management programme, management and employees have access to real-time consolidated data, which enforces compliance and drives sustainability.

NOSA has identified this increasing demand and leveraged technology to create a ground-breaking software solution that helps plan for and manage those risks more proficiently and effectively: MIRACLES, an Integrated SHEQLS Risk Management Software.


9 facts about NOSA'S MIRACLES Risk Management software 


MIRACLES Did You Know?

  • MIRACLES sends out email notifications to prompt you about pending tasks, items to monitor, actions due and escalations.
  • MIRACLES has been around for 10 years, and is continually growing and adapting according to its research and development, and positive customer feedback.
  • MIRACLES has a custom audit protocol section, which allows you to audit your business according to your specific standards.
  • The MIRACLES login screen can be customised to include your company logo.
  • MIRACLES allows you to link your risk assessments to your incidents, enabling you to continually revise the effectiveness of your controls.
  • NOSA is able to host your MIRACLES system in a PCI-compliant environment.
  • MIRACLES allows you to export data to Excel through the export module. This gives every user the flexibility to modify and change data, to tailor reports unique to their organisation. It can also be imported in other BI or ERP tools.
  • The MIRACLES Training Module assists with the minimum compliance with regards to training required.
  • MIRACLES allows you to extract frequency rates based on incidents captured and classified (e.g. NDIFR, DIFR).


For more information on MIRACLES information then please contact: technlogies@nosa.co.za

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