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I saved my colleague: How becoming a SHE professional changed my life

Posted by NOSA on Aug 25, 2016 9:00:00 AM

What’s the best way to prove something’s efficacy? By hearing on-the-ground testimonials of what it’s like to be a SHE professional, and the health and safety training they have had, we can see first hand whether something is proving to actually work. Last week we sent out a call to you, asking for your personal stories of how health and safety (its training, and the commitment it instils) literally helped you and your colleagues save lives.

Here’s what you had to say…


Sisa_Cingo_edit.jpg“I received a health and safety officer qualification from Action Training Academy in 2013. My first appointment was a SHE officer for a double-story building. As part of a project, I was given the responsibility of implementing the health and safety policy for the company, making sure its compliance was up to standard. This included:

  • identifying hazards
  • assessing all the risks at the workplace
  • investigating all incidents.


Of the 54 employees for whom I was tasked overseeing the health and safety, with the help of two health and safety representatives, I was able to ensure absolutely no serious injury occurred, and no employee needed to claim compensation for contracting an occupational disease. An audit of the project was subsequently conducted and I scored highly.



In projects that followed, I was able to maintain the same high standard of safety. This was helped by:

  • strong safety inductions
  • toolbox talks
  • hazard identification
  • assessing risks.

 - Sisa Cingo

Curt_van_Nieuwenhuizen_edit.jpgI brought about an investigation into a mine at which I worked as I was concerned about conformance to government mining regulations. As a result of the investigation, the effect on the fatality rate was positive – this was drastically reduced over the next couple of years (evidence supported by the chamber members’ facility report).


 - Curt van Nieuwenhuizen








Our brag book

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t share the stories you told of how NOSA played a role in enhancing the health and safety of your own practices, and your company’s:


Gherald_Flabah_edit.jpgNOSA made sure that the state of our health and safety was good, and that where we work is safe and protected. What I also like is it stands for preventing injury on duty. Since taking its training I have learnt to work in a safe place with good health.”

  •  - Gherhald Flabah











NOSA has helped me to work safely at all times, to act as my colleagues’ ‘brother’s keeper’, and I carry this attitude everywhere I go. NOSA you’re the best – #safesavelives!”

 - Eric B Maabane 






NOSA would like to thank all those who sent their stories to us. 


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