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ANOTHER structural collapse at Sandton City – should we be worried?

Posted by NOSA on Jan 26, 2017 4:00:00 PM

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On the 7th of January, two people sustained injuries after parts of the roof collapsed at the Sandton City Mall. The patients were treated at the scene, before being taken to hospital for further care.

Reports are somewhat conflicted, with paramedics saying two roof tiles collapsed, while management for the centre released a statement that confirmed two wall tiles at McDonald’s inside the mall fell off a wall.


This is the THIRD collapse in two years

In 2015, two separate incidents occurred at the same shopping centre. In the first incident, two construction workers suffered minor injuries. In the second incident, the ceiling between the banking mall and Nelson Mandela Square caved in, injuring one woman.

So just what is going on with construction at Sandton City? It’s true that sometimes, even with the best safety processes in place, accidents can happen. BUT – when it seems to happen again… and again… you begin to wonder whether those responsible for health and safety have covered all their bases.


Below is an example of a construction checklist which can be utilised

(Please note: This is not a full and final list, but will help as a guideline to anyone working in construction to determine whether their site is legally compliant.)

NOSA is available to assist you with your company audits and ensure your company is legally compliant with your health and safety obligations.


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