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6 simple reasons your training provider needs to be accredited

Posted by NOSA on Jun 30, 2016 1:27:44 PM

We all know that providing health and safety training is good for business because in health and safety:

  • Training is a sound investment

The money you spend on health and safety training saves money in the long term. A workplace that is not healthy and safe may have to face insurance claims, medical bills, higher insurance premiums, replacement labour costs and lost productive time.

  • Training is not optional

The law states that as an employer you are responsible for providing health and safety information and training to your employees.

  • Training is responsible

Training reduces the risk of pain and injury at work.


Sometimes, it may feel as though being obliged to use an accredited training provider is just another hoop to jump through. Why is it really important to use a training provider that is accredited, as opposed to merely looking for the most convenient trainer? Here are SIX simple but compelling reasons…


  1. Your relevant SETA will recognise it

It is important to use an accredited training provider because it enables the SETA to establish that the training provider used is not a ‘fly by night’ training provider, but is instead a recognised establishment, with recognised standards. This also means you will be entitled to tax rebates on SETA-recognised training.


  1. The likelihood of injuries and fatalities is minimised

Accredited training providers will ensure your company is regulated according to the OHS Act, and therefore you and your colleagues are more likely to recognise hazards, and have the systems and procedures in place to curtail these.


  1. Your training will be considered of a high standard

With accredited training, you can be confident that your organisation is operating at a high level, because the accreditation is comprehensive. It will ensure that key areas of your organisation are in line with industry benchmarks and standards.


  1. Training accreditation is a way of being officially recognised for competency and best practice

With accredited training, your clients will feel confident they’re in expert hands. This means greater client acquisition and retention, which is ultimately great for your bottom line.


  1. Unaccredited training providers cannot grant certification and may be in breach of the law

This means that the training you receive could be considered void, especially if an incident occurs subsequent to receiving the training.


  1. You’re more likely to get that job

During the job interview process, having any kind of edge over your competition is welcome. Training with an accredited service provider will help prospective employers quickly recognise your skills and experience as they will align to important industry standards.



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