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3 ways managing your waste properly benefits your business

Posted by NOSA on Oct 5, 2017 12:05:00 PM

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Waste is a global issue. If you don’t properly deal with your company’s waste, it poses a serious threat to your employees’ health and the surrounding environment. Waste management is one of the essential utility services underpinning modern-day society, particularly in urban areas. This means it’s everyone’s problem – and everyone’s responsibility. What’s more, by reducing your waste, you can reduce all three of the triple bottom lines of:


  • The environment
  • The project budget and your business
  • The social/community impact


Here’s how…

Construction Checklist



  • You conserve space in existing landfills and clean fills and reduce the need for future landfills and clean fills.
  • You reduce pollution and energy consumption associated with the manufacture of new materials.
  • For destructive demolition, you reduce other impacts (e.g. noise, dust and traffic) on surrounding properties and streets.



  • For construction, by using products more efficiently, you’ll reduce costs when it comes to purchasing new materials.
  • By improving work efficiencies through:
  • accurate detailed design
  • a focus on reducing rework and temporary works and mistakes.
  • For demolition, you can earn additional revenue from building parts you’ve salvaged and material that you recycle.
  • Target contracts for projects that specify waste reduction procedures.
  • By improving the productivity of staff, you can train them to manage their waste more efficiently.



  • Sound management will minimise the effect of hazardous or nuisance wastes on the community.
  • Innovation and challenges (for example, the training and skills required for deconstruction) can help to attract and retain employees who are keen to develop skills.
  • A high level of client satisfaction will enhance your company's image and encourage repeat business.
  • Better waste management will improve site safety.
  • For demolition, more careful dismantling techniques and correct removal and disposal (e.g. asbestos) will reduce risks from hazardous materials.





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